Goddess of Graphic Goodness, High Priestess of Design, and Oracle of things Creative. I cannot say enough about how great Kristine makes me look. If a client and I are on a first date - I end up married every time I hand over a business card, she is that good. Memorable, thoughtful design, tailored to my needs, not hers. We have a creative collaborative working relationship—with give and take, a little Laurel and Hardy, she's easy to communicate with and willing to be flexible. In the end we give birth to a healthy bouncing brand, ready to grace the pages of any magazine, letterhead, business card or visual need we have with good taste, a dash of flair and a whole lot of memorable. Shall I go on? Bask in the glow of Graphical Goodness? I do, and you should too.

 – Crista Dix | Wall Space Gallery


Kristine Dahms has provided graphic design service for The Essential Baking Company since 1996, when the company was just a few years old. Kristine gave life to the bakery’s logo, a rustic and hand-crafted sunrise with wheat shafts signifying our trade; and she gave the fledgling retail packaging a new design to expand the bakery’s presence in local grocery stores.

During Kristine’s time as the bakery’s graphic designer she has created nearly all the packaging, including labels, boxes, and bags that highlight the product and our brand. She also has designed color palettes, building signs, delivery fleet graphics, sales literature, letterhead and business cards. As the bakery has grown, Kristine has guided the look and feel of its messaging and provided valuable feedback and creative ideas for new projects.

Kristine is professional and timely, and she has a great personality that makes partnering with her very enjoyable. She is easy-going but attentive, always willing to listen to our needs and figure out the best solutions to our design needs.

I would highly recommend Kristine for any organization new or established that is searching for visual messaging that will help define their purpose or brand.

 - Leah Hadfield | Essential Baking Company


I've had the pleasure of working with Kristine Dahms on a wide range of projects, big and small, for almost 20 years. During that time, she has produced a diverse portfolio of effective and timeless designs. From POS materials to specialty food packaging, she has a keen ability to understand and elevate the client's vision and capture the essence of the brand.

- Anne-Marie Phillips | Choice Tea


Kristine is like a guiding beacon when building a brand or business. She knows how to deliver brilliant spot-on graphic design branding concepts that set a tone for all upcoming projects. When building a business you will need someone who knows where to shine light.

– Lauren Formicola | PR Matters 


As you would expect from a great designer, Kristine has a wonderful aesthetic. More importantly, she is a problem solver.... Tasteful, clever solutions - what more could one want?!!

 – Anna J. Li | Essential Baking Company


Kristine knows what you want before you do. She is simply the best. Kristine can extract the essence of the message you want to deliver in an instant and surpasses your expectations by a mile every time. She's wildly creative (the best I've ever worked with), professional, funny and fun! She's the only graphic artist I would ever consider recommending. LOVE her!

 – Rebeca Barron | The Barron Collection, Seattle Gift Center


For years working with Kristine on the look and the feel of my company was one of the joys of ownership. I loved accessing her good taste, always so chockfull of whimsy and hipness. Topping off all the obvious talent was just enough practicality to make for an effective working relationship.

 – Marcella Rosene, Founder | Pasta & Co. 


It was a professional and personal pleasure to work with Kristine Dahms of Twist Design. She combines excellent listening skills with a savvy design style that hit the mark so immediately out of the gate that we had plenty of time to tweak the tiny details.

- Gillian Allen-White | Grand Central Bakery


Kristine Dahms of Twist Design is more than a graphic designer. She is an architect of dreams and ideas. I hired her to design and develop a complex website project for which I had only a vague outline. She was able to extract my ideas and translate them into a beautifully crafted, elegant website that truly expresses who I am and what the mission of my business is. She has a unique gift for intuiting the intent of her clients and making real that which they can only barely envision. She is also a skilled collaborator, has a great sense of humor and is a blast to work with. Kristine's work is rich, elegant and unique; simply striking. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Jen Verharen | Cadence Coaching


Kristine's impeccable style and complete professionalism have given us credibility we don't even deserve! Really though, as a new business, we couldn't have hoped to come out of the starting gates looking better. We have received more compliments on our logo, promotional postcards and business cards than we have on the art we sell. We consider Kristine to be a partner in our business, and the best investment we've made.

 – Tara Snowden | Gallery 070


Kristine's designs are current and lasting at the same time. She took a general concept and created a personally unique logo for my company. In one meeting she was able to ferret out and make sense of my vision and develop a design that went far beyond my imagination. Upon seeing the drafts, I knew at once my Brand was complete.

- Robin Bridgman | Joey's Coat


Kristine has the brand and design skills to elevate you product to the next level and at the same time create enduring symbols consistent with your business values and market position. More easily said: she's a pro and I highly recommend her.

- Paul Heppner | Encore Media Group


Kristine possesses the perfect combination of skills that can translate the client's ideas from 'broad brush strokes' to deliverables that exceed expectations. She anticipates needs and makes helpful suggestions; collaborating with Kristine has always been a pleasure.

- Kristin Thompson | Travel, Hospitality + Curator Expert


Kristine is a dream to work with. She was able to take my barely existent ideas and come up with a stunningly simple and powerful logo for my equine massage business. I continually get compliments on it when handing out my business cards. She’s been instrumental in the setup and design for both my Facebook page, website and advertising. Being a completely new business owner with no creative skills whatsoever I couldn’t have done any of this without Kristine. She is a master at logos, Facebook, web design, advertising, and handholding!

- Donna Baxter | Kneaded Touch Equine Massage

Kristine did the first professional design makeover for my website, now quite a few years ago - I was very happy with the result, and the impression it made on my customers. But my favorite K. project was the graphic design for a custom Windows application that controlled a scientific imaging device. Her input was simple and subtle - color palette, shading & proportion; was easily implemented in my code (!) and turned a dull-but-functional program into elegantly expensive scientific gear that made a very, very positive impression on customers.

- Hugh ( Spike ) McLarty | MachineMetrics


It's always a great experience working on projects with Kristine. She brings so much to the table—clean, beautiful design, fresh ideas—and with the highest level of professionalism. And to top it off, she has a way of building relationships that makes you wish you could hang out on her farm, pet her dogs and sip wine after a day of project work. I'd recommend her to anyone.

- Sibyl Perkins | Sibyl Design


Twist is the first on my personal list of design resources and has occupied that top spot for over a decade. When I want the very best quality design work I can find with first rate creative concepts AND a reasonable price, I call Kristine. Her imagination, well thought through design process, and ability to make a tough and occasionally tedious design project fun make her my favorite designer every time. I just hope when she gets really famous she'll still have time to do my dinky projects. Plus she makes me laugh.

 – Zia Gipson | Marketing That Matters


You have a fabulous eye for what I needed and wanted for branding my photo biz. As soon as the website you designed went live, I got so many more responses than normal. People definitely noticed! Thank you!

 – Rebecca Douglas | Rebecca Douglas Photography


Kristine a.k.a Twist Design has been a long-time connection who will remain on the "top of my list of contacts". I first worked with Kristine when she was part of the design team hired to create the "look" for the Seattle University Gala (the university's largest fundraising event).

More recently, working with Bastyr University, Kristine was hired to create print material for several high-profile university events. Reviewing the details of each project (ie. the audience, purpose, tone, etc.), she listened carefully and came up with clever ideas, within budget. Professional, helpful, and detail oriented in the very best sense of the term -- she's a wonderful asset to a project team.

– Laurie Taylor | Assistant to VP of Bastyr University Relations


For many years I put off getting a website together for my business, finding the idea a daunting prospect, but working with Twist Design proved a pleasant surprise.   Kristine Dahms interpreted the look, feel, and artistic vision I was hoping for, and she was very easy to work with.  It was such a relief to find someone who was professional, knowledgeable, and personable, and who truly understood my needs.   I love my website and I’ve gotten excellent responses from my clients too.  I highly recommend Kristine Dahms and Twist Design to anyone who is looking for a website designer, and who values an artistic and professional result.

Juli Burkamper | Juli Burkamper Painting


Kristine has an amazing eye and talent for putting your companies best branding forward. She totally understands how to take your vision of how you want to represent your company and turn it into a logo and collateral material that delivers! I've used her for branding, logo, business suite of stationary, as well as our extensive targeted collateral hand outs. Her expertise in papers, printing, and look of finished piece is invaluable in creating marketing pieces that will really work!

- Amely Wurmbrand | Amely Wurmbrand Interior Design


Kristine is an incredibly talented designer and was a pleasure to work with. Her design solutions were beautiful and effective and her attention to detail and organizational skills made our projects run smoothly. Kristine bridges the gap between form and function, and does it all with a smile.

- Holly Perkins | Teague


Kristine Anderson Dahms has an aesthetic sense that is at once intuitive and elegant. Some years ago I worked in an office adjacent to Twist Design and had the privilege of interacting personally with Kristine as well as the opportunity to see some of her design projects for other clients. Recently I asked her to design a piece for our non-profit organization, and without any more input than that, she researched our foundation's back-story, and created something that perfectly conveys our message and image. Our Board of Directors was deeply impressed with her work.

- Harry Oesterreicher | Sousa Mendes Foundation


Kristine designed my fabulous new website, incorporating all the functionality I was looking for in a beautiful, easy to navigate design. She also acted as project manager, ensuring that all parties kept on track to get my website up and running. She was wonderful to work with, always creating a positive environment and working to resolve issues as quickly as possible when they came up. I loved working with Kristine, and am looking for new projects where we can work together.

- Kathy Pine | WorldWise Jewelry


I have known Kristine for over 20 years as a friend and professional in many job situations. Kristine has always managed projects for me bringing her design, creative sensibility to the job and overseeing the production bringing in the most amazing talent to support the creation of all my needs. Her ideas, management and drive for the best make me recommend for any job you consider her for.

- Eric Robison | Keller Williams Broker


Thank you, you are so kind, wonderful, mahvelous, tolerant, funny, cute, loving, creative and you ROCK!  

Sandy Sheldon | Café Luna


I love the book jacket--it's great! Really eye-catching and clean and different. It serves the book perfectly.

– George Witte, Editor in Chief of St Martins Press, NYC


Again, really nice job.  Laurie has great taste in designers and you have pulled through for us again.  And, I really mean that. 

- Janet Woods, PhD., | VP Bastyr University Relations