Dedicated to Ruthie

This year's Camp Dahms holiday card is dedicated to Ruthie. 
31 March —13 July 2016
A good friend and star of all our previous goat cards.

Kristine Dahms
The Goats of Christmas Past

A round up of our Christmas cards from years past and the wild holiday parties in the Goat House.  photos by Rick Dahms  


"It wasn't really much of a party, until the chickens showed up."


"May all your mistletoe encounters be cud-free." 


"Santa was a huge hit at the party, but now Ruthie thinks she's getting a Skidoo....."

Kristine Dahms
Meet Swedish Photographer, Julia Hetta.

Just stumbled across a stunning portrait on one of my favorite Instagram galleries today so did a little bird-dogging and discovered Swedish photographer, Julia Hetta. Reminds me a bit of one of my other favorite photographers, Rodney Smith
Julia's bio on her website reads: "Julia Hetta’s photographs provide a glimpse of an alternative world, rich with the romance and quietude associated with classical painting. Working almost exclusively with natural light and long exposure times, Hetta imbues her subjects with a sense of serenity and power. Her use of light, color and texture transforms her fashion photographs into compositions of timeless enchantment."
Check out Julia's Instagram, and  website

Kristine Dahms
My New Favorite Netflix Series

Abstract: The Art of Design

Netflix has a design series! I mean, I love cooking series like Chef's Table, and I'm a big House of Cards fan, but a series of design was due. Abstract: The Art of Design is a series of eight shows.

  1. Christoph Niemann: Illustration
  2. Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Design ( Nike ) 
  3. Es Devlin: Stage Design
  4. Bjarke Ingels: Architecture
  5. Ralph Gilles: Automotive Design
  6. Paula Scher: Graphic Design
  7. Platon: Photography
  8. Ilse Crawford: Interior Design

Unlike other series, I've been trying not to binge watch these, and spread them out over a few months. I started with Tinker Hatfield from Nike, then watched the Platon with my ( photographer ) husband Rick, then Ilse Crawford and interior design—she's working with Ikea among others.

Most recently watched Paula Scher, a partner at Pentagram, I didn't realize she was married to Seymour Chwast! They met when she was a student at Tyler School of Art and interviewed with Seymour at Pushpin Studios. Here's a fun interview of the power couple from Print Magazine

She cracks me up, it's exactly the same at our house:

Print: Do you ever collaborate? Paula: We can’t collaborate at all. It’s a total disaster.

Print: How do you approach design-related decisions that you make as a couple in your daily lives? Paula: Seymour does whatever I tell him to do.